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Whats in my bag: Sub Pop edition

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Sam, the social media ninja from our recent collaborators, Sub Pop, spent last weekend jammin’ out at the Silver Julibee. While we are no novice to a good time or a good music festival we asked Sam to show us how they do it in Seattle. 

Take it away, Sam! 

Here are the things I packed, clockwise-ish from the bag: 

- Festivals aren’t known for their great parking, and the Silver Jubilee is in Seattle city limits, so I’d be foolish not to bike. So, bike lock, bike lights, and I’ll be wearing bike shoes, so a fresh pair of SubPop x TOMS  are coming along for the ride.

- A brimmed hat is a necessity for an all day festival in the sun.

- Some downtime reading (this is an act of optimism, as there will be no downtime).

- I have to be socializing the event for Sub Pop, so iPhone camera lenses are coming with for different shots.

- I’m also bringing the Polaroid and another film camera for memory’s sake. (Sub Pop has a photo wall for Polaroids) + extra film

- Emergency tote bag—think of it as an expansion pack for your bag—you never know what you’re coming home with at a festival.

- Contacts/glasses/contact juice are essentials for anyone who wears contacts and doesn’t know how long they’ll be out.

- Sunscreen because, no shit.

- Wooden sea captain is not coming with, he just fit nicely and I wanted to show you about him.

- KIND Bars, my favorite gluten-free snack (I’m trying on a new diet)

- Trusty Patagonia vest because it’s Seattle and I’ll be out well past the time when the sun’s generosity will expire.

- Notepad and pen for notations. 

- Computer for socializing the event and editing photos.

- White cords for iEnergy.

- Emergency frosty in case the beer line is too much to handle.

- And headphones—always headphones.

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