Nov 21, 2012

Week 3: MOstly confident

Especially during the month of November, we do our best around here to deliver compliments and to embrace each other’s idiosyncrasies. To be fair – there are few (if any) months during the year when a weird fad does not catch on around HQ to garner some funny looks; but, given that this month doubles as Movember, the month dedicated to stirring up conversation and awareness around men’s health, the rampant case of the moustache has polite compliments and chatter about appearance at their yearly high. 

We’re on week 3 of Mo growing, and the guys who are committed to making advocates of their upper lips are getting itchy; they’re itching to grow the manliest Mo at TOMS, and perhaps in the whole world over, and they have T minus one week to get the job done before the end of Movember. 

Naturally, this week’s Mo Bro checkin is about moustache envy: a common condition as they turn the corner into the second half of this month they’ve waited for all year. Read what they have to say about it:

How goes it, David?? 
For whom do you have moustache envy? Is there a man – movie star, rock star, or otherwise – with moustache you wish you could grow?  Goose Gossage or Larry McDonald.
What’s your moustache’s shining MOment so far? Somebody looked at me quizzically and asked, “Are you growing a moustache?” Then they got really close to my face to confirm (it’s still really hard to see). I answered yes and told them a little bit about Movember.

What’s doing, Pete
He has Mo envy for…Adrien Brody in those razor commercials.
What’s its shining MOment so far? Out Mo-ing last year’s Mo! 

Hey there, Keith
He has Mo envy for…I think anyone who can grow a nice, full-looking moustache is to be envied. Magnum, P.I., Frank Zappa, Freddie Mercury, Geraldo Rivera, Hulk Hogan, Prince, Richard Pryor, Vincent Price, Will Ferrell as “Ron Burgundy.”
What’s its shining MOment so far? I tell people I am supporting Movember, and that I am a Mo Bro, and they say, “Where is it?” Not such a shiny moment, but consistent, at least, and it gives me a good opportunity to start conversations about the cause. 

How ya doin’, Jonathan?
He has Mo envy for…I envy Ron Swanson from the show “Parks and Rec.” Seriously, that Mo is THE Mo!
What’s its shining MOment so far? Unfortunately, we’ve got nothing too noteworthy. “Slow Mo” has yet to be noticed.

Well if it isn’t KC!
He has Mo envy for… I’ve always been pretty confident in my moustache, what with it’s serious girth and bushiness.  The problem is that it’s always grows out looking like a Sid Bream or Jeff Kent, when sometimes what you really want is a Rollie Fingers.
What’s its shining MOment so far?  So far I’ve had a lot of people stop me on the street and ask about it.  Usually they are just looking for a lock of my moustache hair or asking me to use their handkerchief or something like that, but sometimes I get to have a conversation about why I’m growing it and the importance of raising awareness for men’s health.

Hello to our old friend Nick!
He has Mo envy for… I can’t say that I envy any one man’s Mo, but Sam Elliott’s manly moustache is something that every man could take pride in. Just one look at his upper lip fur coat, and you can’t help but to think: “Gentleman.”
What’s its shining MOment so far? I can’t say with honesty that anybody has asked about my Mo just yet, but I’ve had more than my fair share of curious, titillated, and even slightly repulsed looks. I’m hoping that as my Mo continues to grow, so will others’ desire to voice their comments and questions about my new face adornment.

It’s our man Lee!
He has Mo envy for… Lionel Richie, who rocks a pretty strong game. His deep, serious “All Night Long” eyes and perfectly trimmed crumb-catcher should be an inspiration for us all.
A little Mo conversation… I think a cat looked at me funny this morning…

Lookin’ spiffy, Alex
He has Mo envy for… Tom Selleck as Magnum, P.I. I want that Mo. Bless Shadow (my Mo); he thinks he is already there.
What’s its shining MOment so far? Strength comes from adversity, so in response to the below comments, I bonded with my Mo and defended my position as a son of Movember:

“I don’t like it!” - my girlfriend 

“HAHA! That is rubbish.” - my mate, who’s a first-time Mo Bro with a much more impressive Mo situation than my own

To these both, I say, “Great things come to those who wait.” (Except when it comes to health, which requires we are always ahead!)

Just one more week of these hairy dudes’ updates. Stick with them! And check out what’s left of the limited run of Movember TOMS Shoes.